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My parents get on my nerves so much sometimes. They are so overcritical of me and don’t even seem to care. They fight so much and the fighting gets to me. I get anxiety and start to get extremely sad after their fights. I don’t like hearing yelling. I don’t like when they argue. I wish I could grow up already.

I feel like everyone has a talent.

Some people can cook up wonderful things. Some people draw. Some people are able to write such wonderful stories and be so creative. Some people make inspiring videos. Some people can sing or dance. 

I feel like I have no special talents. If you ask me what my hobbies were I wouldn’t be able to tell you that I like doing ________ or have a talent for _____. It saddens me a little bit because I’m not sure what I’m good at. 

I believe I’m good at writing poems but it’s nothing special. I want to be good at something…to have a talent for something must be great. If your first plan in life doesn’t go right or the way you wanted it to you can just continue or with your talent and pursue that perhaps.

I’m not quite sure why I’m writing this but I’ve been feeling this way for ages. I wish I was good at something.

My newest obsession.

Bon Iver. 

As I am writing this I am listening to the song Perth. His music makes me happy and makes me think. I still cannot believe I haven’t full on heard of him or his music until earlier this year. My favorite songs are either Blood Bank, Holocene or The Wolves Part I & II. Of course the classic Skinny Love song is also fantastic. I am contemplating on whether or not I should get a tattoo “patient, fine, balanced, kind” which are lyrics from the song Skinny Love. It would be an amazing reminder to me. I’ll think about it.

Something about his songs just make me happy. I can listen to him when I’m happy, sad, moody, confused, angry and he just helps me. Whoever said music doesn’t do anything for you, is completely insane. (I doubt anyone even says that anymore) 

Music can change your mood and put things into perspective sometimes. I have all of Bon Iver’s songs and have listen to them all at least 50 times each. I’m glad I found out about him. My brother started talking about him and how he saw him at Coachella and how amazing he was. I really want to go to one of his concerts now. 

Anyways, Bon Iver needs to make a new album and pronto. I need new music from him. He is amazing though. Seriously.

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